Living Angels

Sitting pretty on the edge of our little village in a green and pleasant corner of old England lulled us into a false sense of security. Despite the chronicle of death on the nightly news, we thought the COVID-19 pandemic would simply pass us by. That was until we got the awful news that one of our nearest and dearest was struck down by it. It really was a close run thing for a while but he survived. And his message of thanks to his living angels got him on the radio.

5 thoughts on “Living Angels

  1. Our little town was spared for quite some time. Then in the great wisdom of our governor, the state has re-opened. We now have seven or eight cases in town. One has died but that person was quite elderly and had some medical issues. As this continues to spread, the news is not going to be good.


  2. I am noticing g that we are not being as careful as we once were. More cases are showing up in our little town. Time to go back to bleach wipe downs and showers after trips to town.


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