I really like this. Okay, it says nothing about the evils of empire, world plunder, the subjugation of the Celtic Fringe by the perfidious English or the challenges of twenty-first century multiculturalism, and it’s narrated by a fast-talking Yank. But as a five minute history lesson for the modern, short attention-span generation, it ain’t half bad. The message to my overseas friends is that England isn’t Britain.

Cheers to Angela in Turkey for this one, my ever helpful dolly-drop Bodrum Belle.

14 thoughts on “This Sceptred Isle

  1. Like you said, Jack, not half bad. This Yank talked so fast, I don’t think he stopped for breath thereby making ME light-headed. A lot of information. I felt I could catch more if I had a lasso.
    This video was helpful as I had no idea about most of it. 😉


  2. Watched this before and thought very well said, a little fast, I agree, yes, very simple but there are so many people who have no idea about all this and to an American totally baffling.


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