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Norwich – City of Stories

NorwichNorwich is a surprising city. It has seduced me. So when I saw an opportunity to write a few words about my new amour I jumped at it. I wasn’t expecting my little piece to be chosen to kick off ‘City of Stories’, a brilliant new campaign to promote and celebrate Norwich’s unique literary, cultural, artistic and recreational offer. But it was. So, with thanks to Visit Norwich and Norwich BID, here it is.

Jack and Liam move to Norwich

The tapestry of streets was weaved with familiar names of old London Town like Charing Cross, Blackfriars Bridge, Bishopsgate, Spitalfields, Haymarket, and Pudding Lane, threaded with roads of goats, cattle, dogs and a rampant horse, and stitched with more holy places than a mitred man could shake his crook at.


13 thoughts on “Norwich – City of Stories

  1. Reading it brought a tear to my eye, a tear of joy that you’re so happy in your new home city. The passion in your voice really shines through. I loved it!


    1. Thanks, Vicky. It’s a very interesting piece in the Daily News which illustrates just how difficult life can be for ordinary gay people in Turkey. The whole military ban is laughable. We know a number of gay Turks who either kept their mouths shut during their military service, paid to do the minimum required or left Turkey altogether to avoid it altogether.


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