Julian’s Vacant Position

I’ve always had a soft spot for Julian Clary. Britain has a glorious tradition of camp comedians tripping out bawdy innuendos with mincing aplomb – Larry Grayson, John Inman and Frankie Howerd to name but three – but Julian was the first to place his sexuality at the very heart of his act. Sexual ambiguity and suggestive salvos from the back of the closet are not Julian’s style. He slaps it on with a shovel, love it or hate it. The verdict from the predominately straight, middle class, middle aged audience at Norwich’s Theatre Royal was unanimous. They loved it. I’m glad to report that Blighty’s continued pre-occupation with the lewd, the rude and the crude is alive and giggling. We loved it too. Julian provided an unexpected bonus, a marriage proposal live on stage from audience member Samantha to her partner Bonny. A ‘yes’ from Bonny was rewarded with a lively ovation all round. Julian ended his glittering passage with a nod to his more thoughtful side by speak-singing “It’s not yet cool to be queer,” a moving political broadcast for those poor souls living in less tolerant parts of our rainbow world. Julian’s show does exactly what it says on the glittery tin. He may be a one-joke comic but, blimey, what a joke.

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15 thoughts on “Julian’s Vacant Position

  1. I remember seeing Julian at what I think to have been his last “Joan Collins Fanclub” appearance. Fanny the Wonderdog wandered off-stage and refused to come back, which finally undid that particular act.

    He was pretty wrong-footed by this, obviously.
    He was rude to me about my hair and attire, I recall, comparing me with Sarah Ferguson (whom I am nothing like!) and as far as I remember (it was some thirty years ago!) his only reference to being gay was the side of the church upon which he sits.


  2. Saw him at Hackney Empire years ago with his dog, it was one of those talent nights and found him funny yet naive but so was all the rest even Ben Elton who was on at the same time and a friend of mine who thought he had an act but had to tell him otherwise when he got off stage crushed him…. but no point in living under a delusion


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