From Top to Bottom

Now we’ve unplugged Digiturk, we’re gradually re-acquainting ourselves with our DVD library. This is more troublesome than it sounds. Our LG home entertainment system is rejecting discs at random. Again. This tiresome business first started last November. At the time, the system was still under guarantee and Liam called in the service man. The burly, surly boy who turned up at our door had a brilliant suggestion. We were trying to play the ‘wrong kind’ of DVD. I quickly disabused him of that and he grudgingly took the machine away for repairs. It was returned a week later and worked fine. For a few months. Naturally, it’s now out of warranty. When we move back to Blighty, our top of the range system will be at the bottom of the bin.

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4 thoughts on “From Top to Bottom

  1. You can watch all the UK TV programmes online free here:

    I used to subscribe to this site but stopped because it wasn’t particularly good and it was just a waste of money. However a few weeks ago I discovered thar not only is it much better now but you can actually watch for free.


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