Mad Mother Nature

Bodrum, Turkey, April 2012. What is going on with this crazy weather? A real snap, crackle and pop of a storm has just rolled across the horizon. We’ve been assaulted by hailstones. Big buggers, they were too. Mad Mother Nature needs to be sectioned. She’s clearly lost the plot and is a danger to herself and the poor boys trying to complete the urban refit before the season is in full swing. Let’s also spare a thought for the Teutonic early birds with their knee-length shorts and sensible shoes who have taken flight to the nearest covered refuge.

19 thoughts on “Mad Mother Nature

  1. I got all excited at the weekend and did a post yesterday about summer having arrived at last…I knew I was tempting fate.


  2. Seems to be a world-wide phenomenon! A couple of weeks ago my place was under some 8″ of snow, after an unseasonably warm and dry February. UK acquaintances were gloating from the middle of their summer. Now the UK is drowning again and we’re back to hot and dry. And you tell us that Turkey is oscillating like a pendulum on speed, too.

    You’re right – she’s barking.


  3. . . Nah! Mother Nature is an adaptor and a survivor – it’s the crazy, consuming, destructive and stupid humans of the ‘developed world’ who don’t get it! Refuse to get it!


  4. Well in Fets Central “she” huffed and she puffed and blew all the lights out! (for 3 hours) A very sneaky one too with no more than a spit of wet stuff! Not even a full scale storm can render a blackout these days, Hee hee “check-mate Aydem”


  5. Absolute chaos! It’s called climate change I believe? Meanwhile in Jamaica we have had delicious, gentle rain to make our garden instantly green again! 🙂


    1. Well, I’d like the climate to change to sun. I’ve enough of this bleedin’ rain. The garden’s looking like something out of Day of the Triffids


  6. We had a bit of a mad electrical storm here in Sydney the other night. The sky lickered constantly for an hour, the thunder rolled in, then the heavens opened up and the rain literally dumped on our poor little house. I spent the next day up to my arms in mulch… picking it up in great clumps off the driveway and pavement where it had deposited itself after the arrival of the river rapids. Fun times.


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