Perking the Pansies Serialised

We’re off to Norwich in less than two months. We don’t see it as a step back. Like many before us, we’re doing what we have to do and we’re moving forward. It’s a new chapter and we’re really excited about it. Thank you for your kind e-mails, comments and words of encouragement. It’s been exciting living the life of an expat in this extraordinary country. Watch out, we may return.

This is not the end of the line for our Anatolian adventures. On the Ege’s gorgeous editor-in-chief has decided to serialise my book for your reading pleasure. Your soap in the sun will be published in monthly episodes starting right now. So enjoy “the best expat book to come out of Asia Minor since Alexander the Great’s Postcards from the Ege.”

Join me in my irreverent world for a right royal dose of misery and joy, bigotry and enlightenment, betrayal and loyalty, friendship, love, earthquakes, birth, adoption and murder.

Read the first instalment here…

5 thoughts on “Perking the Pansies Serialised

  1. I’ve moved back to the UK without my lovely hubby. He is going to work his butt off through the summer so that at the end of the season he will be in a better position to get a visa to join me here. I’m also trying to get back to nursing after 6 years of being too ill to work. It”s going to be a hard slog for both of us but, as you say, it’s a new chapter in our lives and we are very excited about getting Hasan over to the UK. We have not ruled out returning to Turkey and settling down again in the future, I quite fancy doing up an old village house. Hasan is a builder so it’s achievable on the cheap.
    I wish you all the luck in the world xxxxxx


    1. It’s so pleasing to hear about your positive mental attitude. With this you will achieve your dreams and ambitions. Too many people just sit back and whine! Best of luck. x


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