Spanner in the Words

WordPress (the organisation that hosts my blog) has got its knickers in a twist over comments. They’ve introduced some unheralded changes to the comments function and now there are more bugs in it than an old cow pat. Some people who try to comment on Perking the Pansies either can’t at all, or have to sign in to some long forgotten WordPress account of yesteryear. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. It’s all very irritating, causing much fury on the user forum and tut-tutting in the Scott-Brennan household.

I’m sure they’ll unscramble the mess soon but in the meantime, please do persevere with your thoughts, either by choosing your Facebook or Twitter ID (if you have one) in the comments box or commenting on posts as they appear on Facebook. As a last resort, you can create a WordPress Account which will allow you to comment on my blog and others hosted by WordPress. It’ll only take a few minutes off the rest of your life.

11 thoughts on “Spanner in the Words

  1. You have a wonderful way with words I am not so worried about my comments as I have a terrible use of words, If there was a word police I would of been locked up a long time ago.


  2. I’ve been noticing the new log-in requirement (not just here) and find it tedious. As you’ve suggested, if I encounter this I just comment as my twitter persona. (And this from someone who uses WordPress software on my other-hosted website!)


  3. Think we’re all sorted now with this one but it took a few ‘alterations’ (as in Barry had to type a few things – no idea, what! 🙂 ) on our part. They’ve made it similar to Blogger which is strange because everyone complains about the Blogger comment system – even Blogger users like us.


  4. . . alright for you young bucks – us ‘Boffers’ don’t have that many minutes left to us! What is tedious is if someone puts a lot of time and thought into their comment and hits the button without having first logged in, their comment disappears into the ether.


  5. If I visit by using a link from a subscription email then WordPress recognises me and I’m already signed in. If I visit from a link in facebook or elsewhere then it doesn’t and I have to sign in. Doesn’t seem to matter if I’m already signed into my own WordPress site.


  6. I think there is a way round this problem for those who have a WP account but want to use a different name and/or website when posting comments on WP blogs. My WP account is in the name of ayak48 but I want to use Ayak and my blog address. However, when I tried this I was unable to do so because ayak48 was associated with the email address I use for both names.

    So…. the solution: Log in to WP. Write your comment here, but before posting just amend the username and website at the bottom, then post. It works and if you stay logged into WP, then your amended details actually remain at the bottom of the page ready for you to use next time. Every so often you get logged out so you have to repeat the process, but at least it means you don’t have to change email addresses etc.

    Not sure that’s clear, but it works!


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