Dumping Digiturk

We’re busy planning our repatriation to Blighty. We’re not actually leaving until June but it pays to start early. As my project guru, Liam has drawn up a long list of ‘must do’s’. Top of the agenda? Ditching our account with Digiturk, the national satellite TV broadcaster. We won’t miss it, not because it’s a bad service per se, but because more often than not we watch British TV through our VPN.

Liam rang Digiturk’s all singing, all dancing English Language call centre to cancel. The rude little runt on the end of the line was having none of it. Liam was given a cock and bull story about ‘applying’ to close our account by fax to Istanbul. We would need to provide another photocopy of my passport together with a notarised copy of my grandmother’s bra size. ‘You want to complain? Tough. My manager doesn’t speak English.’ Was the rude little runt having a bad day?  Maybe he was fed up dealing with rude little emigreys. Liam rang a second time – different rude little runt, same rude little script. Digiturk’s tone deaf one-stop shop for expats seems to have developed two left feet. Liam kept his cool and thanked the brick wall for his help. There’s no point losing your rag with the hired help.

Eventually, we managed to close the account via an exchange of heated emails written in English and translated into Googled Turkish. Liam kept the message simple ‘I am moving to England. I am cancelling my service. You can’t stop me.’ It worked. Tick. Next?

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16 thoughts on “Dumping Digiturk

  1. Ah..this was the post that disappeared along with my comment!

    We dumped Digiturk two years ago and as Mr A was away at the time I phoned…pressed the digit for English…and also got a rude little runt who was intent on making my life as difficult as possible. I gave up..rang again the following day and got a different rude little runt. In the end I phoned Mr A and asked him to sort it out. and guess what he managed with no problem at all. I think these organisations specifically employ rude little runts with a smattering of English language to be as unhelpful to yabanci as they possibly can.


  2. we’d been customers for 10 years, paying by SO/DD from our UK offshore a/c – then we started getting nasty reminders that we hadn’t paid. They had changed policy without notification and wouldn’t deal with non-Turkish banks – told them to collect their gear and sod off. Repeated nasty letters and threats of legal action – put their stuff in bag, hung it on the gate and informed them by phone, email and letter that it was there for them. That worked! Several months later they were constantly ringing me up to resign – my comment to the pesky person ‘Is this being recorded?’ ‘Yes’ ‘What part of ‘F*#k off’ don’t you understand?’ Turned out he did understand! 😀


  3. And we have to get Digiturk – Ashley wants it for football and we both need it for language practice according to our teacher. It has been too long since we watched CSI in Turkish. We’ve heard from many people that it’s easier to start than it is to stop – but that is true of so many things. Including, in our experience, satellite and cable TV in the UK.


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