Parlez-vous Polari?

As my regular pansy punters know, I’ve just done a gig for the Polari Literary Salon at London’s Royal Festival Hall. I was in the company of a fine cast of literati – Rebecca Idris Hugh Mulhall, Max Wallis, Catherine Hall and Tiffany Murray. The chorus line was made up of friends and regular pansy characters – Nancy, Murat, Clive, Ian, Matt and Philip. I calmed myself with a quick wine stiffener in the Green Room before I climbed the stage to perform against a sumptuous backdrop of The London Eye and Palace of Westminster. I’m not sure who was the more nervous, Liam or me. Despite the tummy terror, I didn’t fluff too many of my lines. I was well received by the enthusiastic audience and I’m eternally grateful to the wonderful and gifted Paul Burston who made it all possible.

12 thoughts on “Parlez-vous Polari?

      1. Well, maybe it is!! When you talk to people so often on line, you start building up an image of what they are like, in person, don’t you! I didn’t mean to be weird, though!!


  1. God you’re brave!!! Did Boy George hang around? You might have asked him if he had any plans to change the “Boy” part, seeing as the years are advancing apace…”Man and Boy” perhaps!


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