Jack on the Radio

My publisher, Jo Parfitt, recently interviewed on her Writer’s Abroad Radio Show. Blimey, I felt like a studio starlet – though more minor Rank than major MGM. Jo just chucked me in at the deep end to sink or swim – no rehearsals, no re-takes. I was nervous – lots of ums and arrs. Despite the spluttering I didn’t drown – not too distasteful or disgraceful.  Jo also interrogated me for her website. I got these questions in advance so my answers were a tad more considered.

Check out my radio gaga here and my more thoughtful dispatch from the front line here.

Check out what all the fuss is about.

7 thoughts on “Jack on the Radio

  1. Loved it! Great practice for your Oscar acceptance speech when the film’s made.
    I remember when David did his first radio gig when we won the British Cheese Awards thing – I was listening at home petrified and chewing my nails to the quick [with no need, it was a bravura performance]. Was Liam the same?


  2. I listened to the whole thing …. and it was great to hear your dulcet tones. Not too shabby indeed!

    As somebody who’s just started dabbling in podcasting – I know how odd it is to hear the sound of your own voice reverberating back at you. You probably won’t want to listen to this again – many stars don’t like reliving their performances! 🙂

    Keep those vocal cords lubricated – I have a hot seat an mike with your name on it!


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