New Year’s Fireworks in London 2012

On New Year’s day, as is my festive tradition of many year’s standing, I was unable to feel my legs and my head pulsated like a jack hammer. Liam thought he’d fight fire with fire by showing me this year’s New Year’s Eve gunpowder display from London –  ten minutes of bangs and beats. Despite a throbbing cranium, I was completely mesmerised by the display, a spectacular showstopper of a show and a fitting start to the Olympic year.

Got the book yet?

11 thoughts on “New Year’s Fireworks in London 2012

  1. It was fantastic! We waited for a couple of hours on the Embankment to see it! Well worth it. Hope you had a great New Year!


  2. I was in bed by 9:15, and my kids didn’t wake up with the fireworks! Amazing how in such a short time my idea of a great NYE changes. . . Glad you had fun! Happy ’12 to ya!


  3. ‘. . completely memerised by the display . .’ ‘memerised’ or ‘mesmerised’? You’re still pissed you old lush!! 😀
    Book posted to you today.


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