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I was flush with pink pride. Perking the Pansies briefly occupied the top spot on Blogroll Centre, one of the (many, many) blog directories I’ve joined. Sadly, the honour was short-lived, a temporary aberration caused by a transient interest in Now That’s What I Call Old, a post that resulted in 2,700 hits. The next day, Perking the Pansies dropped to 3rd place. A one day, one hit wonder. Doubtless the blog will continue to slide down the charts like an X Factor has-been that never was. To be honest I’m not entirely sure if any of these blog directories is worth the effort or the repetitive strain injury. I joined them on the off-chance they might broaden my audience. I think some are sophisticated enough to help with Google rankings but I wouldn’t know which. All I can say is that I would never consider paying for the dubious privilege of a listing, preferring to spend my dwindling assets on booze, fags and leather thongs.

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17 thoughts on “Top of the Blogs

  1. Awesome… The world of blogs is fickle and fame lasts just for a short while, but as Andy Warhol said, it’s great to be famous for fifteen minutes… I have just joined a blog directory called Bloglovin’ and plan to do more. People do use them, I think… Networked Blogs doesn’t seem to be working for me now, having suddenly developed technical issues with my blog that I don’t quite understand. Anyway, I got my first subscriber from Brazil today, so I am happy! Little things mean a lot, and short-lived fame is just as sweet!


    1. heard good things about bloglovin’ and have had a curious influx of Brazilian subscribers lately myself – ok – 2 – but still. I have been meaning to ask you about your thoughts – because it is a significant effort to get all the code posted, etc….and I wonder, to what end. I think that your daily commitment to write is probably the best possible thing to do re: audience. It is already what I plan to have as my new year’s resolution for 2012.


      1. You are absolutely right, Liz. I am so nightmarishly busy both at work and home at the moment that I don’t have a minute to focus – no blogging for a week! It’s bugging me. Yes, posting the code etc was a bother and I agree – daily blogging is the answer. But a full-time plus job (when I am retiring in 3 months and working harder than ever!!) is really hampering me right now…


  2. I was recently “Blogger of the Day” on Paperblog, which resulted in exactly 0 hits. I’m obviously doing this blogroll thing wrong. 😉 But hey, I’m still trying to figure out how to publish on my own domain. If only we could blog without the computer element of the whole thing…


  3. Number ONE for a day is better than many ever achieve……and lets face it there have been many one hit wonders who we all remember with fondness! Well done you!


  4. Agree with you about the booze, not too sure about the leather thongs though – especially in high heat of a Turkish summer!!!


  5. To be honest this blogging malarky can be hard work – setting up (a whole new language and world to learn), checking your stats, checking your comments, networking, oooooph, and that’s before you’ve started writing a new post. And now there is more stuff for me to learn. Think I’ll turn to the booze and fags (I’ll omit the thong….)


  6. As an unknown, obscure and possibly deranged blogger, I appear nowhere. But I can see clearly now. It´s the leather thongs! Thank you so much Jack for the tip (and the rest of it) – I will invest in said garment and sashay my way to blogstardom!!!


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