Bodrum, Bodrum – So Good They Named it Twice

Jack Scott, Columnist

Post Ramazan was carnival time in old Bodrum Town. Sadly we missed most of it because of an extended visit to Blighty and La Belle France; we were celebrating the half centuries of my two oldest friends.  The inaugural festival adopted the slogan ‘Bodrum on the Streets,’ and included a choice selection of international artists, musicians and street performers, all milling around the streets of central Bodrum and adding a splash of colour to the busy, buzzy town. Each evening, the cornucopia of culture culminated in an on-stage performance in Castle Square. Good-humoured generous crowds were serenaded on sultry evenings by an eclectic mix of music – from classical to rock, jazz to hip hop. The artistic extravaganza stretched over five nights. We caught day four which began with a small parade of painted performers as they bopped and danced, sauntered and strutted their stuff along the promenade. Hey, it wasn’t Rio but it was fun nonetheless. More on On the Ege

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9 thoughts on “Bodrum, Bodrum – So Good They Named it Twice

  1. They tried one of those festival things in Ortaca – had a beautiful, Italian trained soprano who was accompanied by a lady on a Casio. We couldn’t here a thing for the farmers talking, scrabbling in their bags of sunflower seeds and dragging chairs about. It was hilarious but I did feel sorry for the beautiful singer.


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