Yalikavak Skies

We relax at home to revel in our continued good fortune with G&Ts, ice and a slice on the terrace. We sit in silent awe as the sun descends into the sea releasing a final flourish of soft red, peach and orange light into the evening sky. Spectacular but short lived, the riot of delicate hues is displaced by the chilled black night studded with a thousand stars. Now you don’t get that in Walthamstow.

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Thank you to Clive, Greg and Sam for some of the images.

3 thoughts on “Yalikavak Skies

  1. I’m a gay Turkish Cypriot Londoner – drawing on your ‘outsider’ observations of Turkish life, partly to offset missing links in my own Turkish cultural education. This latest (shortest!) piece you have written took my breath away – it’s pure poetry in distillation.


      1. My pleasure. Simply a spontaneous response to your wordcraft. I’ll keep a keen eye on your future outpourings. Ismail x


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