Rain, Rain Go Away…

Asia Minor is blessed with a soaring landscape wrought by tectonic movements over countless millennia that has created a jagged terrain of outstanding natural beauty. However, there is a definite downside to living half way up a mini mountain, even if this does afford an incomparable sea view. No-one warned us that the virtually vertical crumbling concrete access road leading to our house is impassable by car in the rain and treacherous by foot. During the cold weather monsoons, water teems down Mount Tepe transforming the drive into a fast moving stream swollen by dribbling tributaries from all corners of the site. Water continues to trickle for days. Not much fun when hauling up the monthly shop.

3 thoughts on “Rain, Rain Go Away…

  1. Evening Gentlemen.
    You are worrying me about the torrents of water.
    Having experienced the problem of river running down the slope before (Complete with rocks and boulders), would you be kind enough to ask “Tarik” to let you examine our house for damage. (No 6).
    I only request this as Bev has been ill and we have not been able to get out to Turkey for the last few months.
    Only thing is – please dont comment on our “decorative tastes” on your fantastic blog which keeps us in touch with our beloved Turkey.
    Hoping to get out in April and looking forward to meeting you again.
    Pete and Bev.


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